Small businesses often struggle to maintain a professional presence on the internet being too small to employ someone to manage web and mail servers effectively.

LogiTEL offers a range of hosting packages designed specifically to remove these headaches. Our fibres provide continuous fast access to our systems and we can provide all the common internet protocols your business needs. We can host your domain straight off the internet backbone. We do DNS and if that is all you need, we are happy to provide just that.

We can deal with all the tedious registration of domains etc. for you.

  • Domain registration with DNS hosting starts from just £10.00 per year
  • Basic Web Hosting with 50Mb space starts from just £30.00 per year
  • Web Hosting + ASP starts from just £70.00 per year
  • Web Hosting + ASP + SQL starts from just £110.00 per year
  • POP3 or IMAP4 hosting starts from just £10.00 per mailbox per year

All on our LogiTEL GreenCloud Virtual DataCenter fabric.

Look at that - you can have your own professional web domain, with email and webpage starting at £50.00+VAT per year! At these prices why would you put an amateur looking (or similar) address on your business? To get a professional web presence for your company, contact us with your needs and ideas for a free formal quotation.

Please Note: LogiTEL do not do web design. There are many companies that will but we are not one of them - sorry. But we will talk with your designers to make sure your website works just fine on our servers.