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GreenCloud is a LogiTEL initiative to bring energy efficient computing into the price range of small and medium sized businesses.

The systems in our datacenters are powered by supplimentary Solar PV arrays covering almost the entire roof. Even on a dull day, we generate most of the power we need straight from the sun. We feed spare electricity into the grid and then consume a portion of that energy back overnight - our net energy consumption from the grid is almost zero. Virtual Servers only use the resources they need, meaning you can do more with with less hardware. To make the power go further still, we have installed EnergystarTM equipment across our entire estate, with miserly energy consumption.

Historically, low energy systems have been expensive and so only available to larger companies. By investing in a comprehensive Virtual Server Environment powered by Renewable Energy, LogiTEL offers hosting options that reduce your web-presence carbon footprint and ease your conscience without crippling hosting fees.

In the 21st century, everyone should be accutely aware of the need to protect the environment from our technolgy needs and invest more heavily in better energy use and how we generate it. No-one credible wants to go back to caves and candles but our energy demands are taking their toll on the environment. Clean energy sources are perpetually "on the horizon" and recently, for the first time, a Fusion reactor produced more energy than put in - the first baby-step to commercial viability and almost limitless clean power (I won't say "cheap", the greedy corps won't be giving it away, it just means more profit), but it is always "10 years away" - that article was published nearly 9 years ago - where's my flying car?!

Until then, renewables such as wind, solar and wave can help but they are still massively under-invested and cause problems with planning etc. this article and this one even more-so show great promise, however. but most renewables are unreliable - cloudy days and and even windy places have quiet days, so any such commercial generating stations are usually coupled with a gas-fired system to cover the shortfall. Also, what will be the environmental impact of the wholesale slowing of winds and waves? (the energy has to come from somewhere). the current obsession with shale gas is a small step in the right direction - it is cleaner than oil well gas (i.e. north sea gas) but it is not "clean" gas. we are still not addressing our reliance on fossil fuels. it's like cutting down smoking cigarettes from 40 a day to 10... we should be stopping altogether.

Solar Micro generation - everyone generating their own electrical power from the sun - is a proven path in reducing the burden of mankind's dependance on carbon based fuels. It is unlikely you can generate enough for all your needs all the time but just think of the savings if we all had solar rooves and only bought power from the grid at night. It might finally get us to a state where we stop using fossil fuels, simply because we don't need them. That would be nice :o) Politically, this is a hot topic - big business runs governments and there aren't many businesses bigger than oil and gas. They have vast investement and infrastructure involved in getting the stuff out of the ground and moving it around the planet. They are unlikely to give up without a fight (or until it's gone!). Governments are the buffer between the businesses and the people (there are few genuinely altruistic politicians). Think of it like a human resources department in a large company - they don't work for the employees, they work for the company - and their job is to protect the company from its employees (it's true!)

LogiTEL GreenCloud reduces your hosting charges and your burden on the environment while you just get on with what you're good at. Take a look at a brief run-down of our hosting options then get in touch.

The Courage of our convictions? Our own systems (including the one serving this page to you right now) are hosted in LogiTEL GreenCloud - This page comes to you Carbon-Free! We wouldn't offer it to our customers if it wasn't good enough for ourselves.

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