About LogiTEL

LogiTEL is a small Accountancy and IT business operating from sunny Buckinghamshire in the UK.

Our roots go back to 1979 - we were working at the the cutting edge of electronics and IT as the computer revolution began and we have been there ever since.

The company name reflects our early involvement in the marriage of logic based control systems and telecommunications. We specialize in bespoke solutions, that is, problems that have little or no "off the shelf" answer. We can help your business, from design to build including software and installation. If you have just an idea, we can help you deliver it.

Over the years we have such accomplishments as:
Least Cost Routing adapter for single telephone lines. Modular Call Forwarding unit. PC-based caller I.D. unit. Data processor for IMS 2000 Weather RADAR with PILOT and TEMP message transmission. " RedBook" Telephone call billing software for switchless carriers. And a whole load of other communication hardware and software. We recently completed a contract to supply environmentally shielded PC-based RADAR controllers to the Gambian Air Ministry, upgrading their WF33 RADAR installations to full message producing weather stations. Current contracts include Cloud Computing Integration for the Air Transport Industry and a global datacenter reporting solution for a huge household name.

Our Customers have included:
The Home Office, ASMAP Electronics, Cambridgeshire Health Authority, Cambridgeshire Education Authority, Cambridgeshire Constabulary, British Telecom, CitySprint, SITA and many smaller companies too numerous to list.

In the early days it was so difficult to find affordable e-services that we learned how to do all this internet stuff ourselves. So many companies struggle with Email, Web Hosting, DNS etc... We made our pain go away and now we can make yours go away too. With LogiTEL, you no longer have to deal with faceless companies with little regard for your needs. When we do this for you, you'll get telephone contact to understanding, educated staff that can sort things out quickly. No call centres, no scripts, no menus - just good old fashioned customer service from nice people who know how to fix things.